Veggie discs

These tasty bites are perfect:
🍽️ to serve at lunch and/or dinner
🌱 as a healthy snack (after school)
🍷 as an appetizer

Our discs:
✔️ are healthy
✔️ contain lots of veggies and whole grains (65-80%)
✔️ have a crispy crust
✔️ are ready in a flash

Cooking directions

Take the discs out of the packaging and heat them. They need 12 minutes at 180 °C in an air fryer or a fan oven. You can also fry them in a pan for 3 minutes, without oil or butter.


If our discs are a staple ingredient of your meals, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve now added three yummy nuggets to our product offer! Just like our veggie discs, these nuggets are perfect:
🍽️ to serve at lunch and/or dinner
🌱 as a savoury snack (after school)
🍷 as an appetizer

Just like our discs, these nuggets will be a hit with the little ones: not just because of their crispy crust, but also because of their fun shape. The difference? Our nuggets contain a bit more seasoning and slightly more chunks.

Cooking directions

Take the nuggets out of the packaging. You have several options to heat them. Either you pop them in an air fryer or a fan oven for 10 minutes at 180 °C, or you fry them in a pan for 7 minutes, without oil or butter. Easy, right?

Kids’ meals, made easy with just.

Whether you have them for lunch or for dinner, and whether you serve them as vegetables or as meat substitutes: our veggie nuggets and veggie discs are a hit with both kids and grown-ups – from toddlers who turn out to like veggies after all to grannies who suddenly add a new croquette to their cooking repertoire. Our meals don’t contain a long list of ingredients; we came up with simple recipes. The result? Pure flavours, a healthy salt intake, no sugar and (to keep the youngest ones happy) little to no chunks. Enjoy!

Kids’ meals to enjoy with the entire family

Eating the same meal as a family: it’s a great opportunity for cosy moments. Yet there are even more reasons why just. wants to make it easier for you to eat together with your loved ones … 

  • Eating together is not just about fuelling your body; it’s about fuelling your mind and telling stories, too. It’s a perfect time for recharging, reconnecting and talking over the day’s events.
  • Family meals around the table are a constant learning experience, allowing you to help your little one discover new flavours, smells and textures. You can lead by example, because kids love to imitate! 
  • Enjoying more family meal times together is positive for your health. Adults, teenagers and especially young kids tend to eat more fruit and vegetables when dining together.