The team that takes care of your child’s food

I’m Klaartje Mertens. My passions in life are language and culture, as well as high-quality, organic food and care products. The latter interests obviously go a long way in explaining why I’ve been working in the organic food industry for the past nine years, why I retrained to become a nutritionist, and why I released just. into the world!

“We are all imperfect parents, and that’s perfectly ok.
Tiny humans need connection, not perfection.”

To give my son Lou the very best, I do a lot of research and rely on other experts like gynaecologists, midwives, (natural) health practitioners, (paediatric) dieticians and paediatricians. In turn, I share my knowledge about healthy food for children through my column in BioGezond, through lectures and via Mama Baas, hoping to help other parents find some answers. Because, let’s be honest, so much is said and written about the topic that it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees, right?



All just. recipes are my own. Once I get the flavours right, I ask the opinion of a renowned paediatric dietician. Only if she gives the green light, approving the composition and nutritional value, we start producing.


Though our purées, veggie nuggets and veggie discs are prepared and packaged on a small scale, the process does take place in a professional kitchen. It goes without saying that you want not only the healthiest and tastiest food for your child; you also want it to be absolutely safe. That’s why I also rely on professionals in this area.