Meet the team behind your favourite organic food brand

I’m Klaartje Mertens. My passions in life are language and culture, as well as organic food and care products. The latter interests obviously go a long way in explaining why I’ve been working in the organic food industry for over ten years now, why I retrained to become a nutritionist, and … why I founded just.!

Team just.


All just. recipes are my own. Once I get the flavours right, I ask the opinion of a renowned paediatric dietician. Only if she gives the green light, approving the composition and nutritional value, we start producing.


Though our products are prepared and packaged on a small scale, the process does take place in a professional kitchen. So you can be 100% sure that the just. foods you serve are not only healthy and tasty but also absolutely safe.


That’s right: you, too, are part of the team! It’s your love of just. that allows me to create our products in the first place. And there’s more. Thanks to thoughtful feedback from fans, I was able to make our offer suit your needs and tastes even better. For instance, I increased the amount of nuggets per pack (from 6 to 12) and added extra seasoning to the mini burgers and nuggets. I’m incredibly grateful that there are so many people out there who value pure food and who, like me, want to enjoy their meals with family and friends to the max.