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just. baby food and toddler food: our story

Hi, I’m Klaartje. I’m a nutritionist, and the proud mom of Lou and just. Curious about the story behind our baby and toddler food? Then you’ve come to the right page! 

Healthy food: the best start in life

Two years ago, I became a mother. I was all for purposeful parenting and naturally wanted to give my son the best possible start in life. Food is an inextricable part of that, especially during the first 1,000 days. This period is not only crucial when it comes to establishing good eating habits and helping children develop healthily; it is also when their food preferences are formed.

More time for yourself and your little one

I want to actively spend time with Lou, to really be there for him when we play together, and to watch him grow up. ‘Your presence is more important than your presents’: that sums it up perfectly for me. Yet I know full well that being a parent, and having many roles and tasks to juggle, can be quite challenging too. That’s why just. was born. I prepare healthy meals, you heat them and save precious time.

Both delicious and responsible: enjoy!

Eating together as a family matters a lot to me. And just. is about that, too. As a nation of gourmands, we have so many wonderful things to teach our children. Enjoying food, cosiness and pure tastes: that’s part of a good start in life as well, right? Strong opinions about food abound these days, so I like to keep things simple. I use pure, organic and Belgian ingredients, and add no sugar or salt.

just. makes life easier and helps you choose well – for your child, for yourself and for our planet.