This is just.


We are bombarded with food opinions, well-meant advice and false advertising these days. To help you balance this overload of (often conflicting) information, just. is transparent, critical and perfectionist. Trust has to be earned, so we always communicate sincerely.


Without judging, just. offers you something we ourselves were actively looking for as parents: healthy and yummy food for you and your little one and way to free up some extra time – without compromising quality. We believe in being kind to yourself; no one is perfect.


just. wants to put a smile on your face. We express our respect for the planet by using local, organic and vegetarian ingredients. No finger-wagging here; we just want to give Mother Nature a helping hand and make it easy for you to do the same.


Living a healthy life and enjoying it to the full: the two are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary! You don’t need to deprive yourself to eat well. Our products are pure and pure joy, because there’s nothing lovelier and cosier than bringing people together around the table.