gourmet aperitif with a sparkle, 0%

I’m thrilled and happy to announce the newest member of the just. family: just. bonheur!
To create this delicious drink, we’ve teamed up with a French winemaker. Bring on the Christmas season, tournée minérale and long summer evenings.

France in a glass

just. bonheur is made at a biodynamic winery in France’s Beaujolais region. Our aperitif is rich in flavour thanks to the combination of local grapes, sour fruits and spicy herbs growing in the vineyard. The latter are often seen as the vines’ competitors, but just. bonheur turns them into true allies.

To bring out the flavours of the various fruits, herbs and plants, we use different techniques: from cold extraction over heat extraction to distillation.

For every moment

This perfectly balanced, fresh flavour bomb stimulates all your senses. With bubbles, without alcohol.
Serve our drink as an aperitif, as a refreshing companion to your dishes, for dessert or with a savoury cheese table.
just. bonheur turns every meal into a feast, and helps you surprise your guests with the very best.
Or how about giving this bottle of happiness as a heartwarming gift?

Bonheur 0%


Grape* juice, apple* juice, lemon* juice, herbal tea made with (ginger*, yarrow*, poppy*, rosemary*, thyme*, sage*, blackberry*, verveine*)

*100% organic

No preservatives, colourings, flavourings; no added sugars or alcohol

Nutritional value:

  • fats: 0
  • proteins: 0
  • residual sugar: 80 g/l


Bonheur - Aperitief zonder alcohol - Ingrediënten